NETSHe-5.0 is out!

We are pleased to announce NETSHe version 5 after around one year of development.

Main improvements in version 5 are:

1. VRF Lite implementation (for kernels 4.9 and above). Independent routing tables and address spaces for created VRFs.
2. Routing improvements: RIP NG (IPv6) support; different OSPF and BGP improvements.
3. DM VPN implementation for IPv4 with OSPF or BGP over overlay network. HUB and SPOKE. SPOKE is compatible with Cisco solution.
4. Tight support for cellular connections. Up to two LTE cat6 modems are supported in simultaneous manner.
5. NMMS integration.

NETSHe-5.0 is available with Bravotek devices or as OEM/ODM software.