New release of TDMA for WiFi

As a result of 6 month's work, We are glad to present new TDMA for WiFi implementation.

If describe new release in a some words, it is faster, flexible and durable.

In a new release, We kept all positive points of previous implementation - excellent adaptability to the very noised environments and long distance links, and made the product better.
We reduced latency and improved throughput up to 50%.

In a fact, We rewrote and optimized previous code, synchronization procedure and added new "Implementation B" of TDMA in our wireless stack.
"Implementation B" has new group (bulk) acknowledgement method in a opposite to Block acknowledgement in CSMA/CA mode.

The test results ( show that the throughput of new solution is close to the throughput in ideal (two node) CSMA/CA case.
New TDMA for WiFi implementation is available for ath5k, ath9k, rtlwifi supported radios. We work to provide TDMA support for ath10k supported radios.
It supports 5/10/20/40MHz channel widths and channel shifting for ath5 and ath9k supported radios.

Because We support radios, that are supported by ath5k driver, new implementation is suitable as an upgrade for links with old hardware. It will improve throughput and flexibility of links.

As a bonus, We added optional transparency LZO frame payload compression for wireless stack. The test results with LZO compression in different
modes will be provided later.

Firmware images for different platforms to evaluation can be founded at