The promising news from our lab

Currently, our TDMA extension supports only Atheros-based radios (through ath5k and ath9k drivers).
Whole time when we create first TDMA implementation, we dreamed to have TDMA support for different radios.

And while we have ported our code to the new compat-wireless branch....
We have implemented the TDMA extension for some Realtek-based radios (for the rtlwifi-supported radios).

The implementation is under the laboratory testing now. We use rtl8723ae radios for testing.
The first results are promising.

- for HT (802.11n) modes, the throughput is similar to the systems with ath9k-supported radios.
- for 802.11b mode, the throughput is similar to the systems with ath5k-supported radios in 802.11b mode.
- for 802.11g mode, we have less throughput than the similar systems with ath5k-supported radios.
- encryption is not tested yet.
- 802.11a mode is not tested yet.
- currently, only 20MHz channel width is supported.
- interoperability with rtlwifi-, ath5k- and ath9k-supported radios is confirmed.

The next target is the ath10k-supported radios...