About us

NETSHe Lab Ltd is founded in January 2011 as a part of STAsoft.net Team.
NETSHe Lab Ltd inherited all projects, development activity, support and contribution regarding NETSHe Software and OpenWRT from STAsoft.net Team.

Our targets are:

- Custom software development.
- NETSHe WebUI and OpenWRT derivative;
- Carrier class wireless platform development;
- Linux wireless software development;
- Router platform development;
- Any kinds of VPN applications;
- Platform development for "Triple Play" services;
- Software/platform licensing;
- Product support.

Postal address: 150047, Belinskogo street, 28-75, Yaroslavl, Russia

CEO: Stanislav V. Korsakov

Phone (+7 4852) 90-89-30
Email info@netshe-lab.ru

Find out more about licensing in our software at http://www.netshe.ru/license