Authentication, authorization and accounting server

NETSHe Lab Ltd. introduces own authentication, authorization and accounting server.

AAA-server basic features are:

- Creation and support for unlimited number of tariffs with various configurations;
- Creation and support for unlimited number of subscribers with various configurations;
- Operation in time, traffic and time and traffic counting modes;
- Counting of traffic in any directions;
- Operation without accounting. Only as authentication and authorization service;
- Capability – 802.1x, VPN, DialIn and Hotspot services;
- Operation in limited modes; depends on the account funds, time and/or traffic;
- Limits for a day, a week, a month and a total usage;
- Operation in fixed day rate mode;
- Operation in mixed modes;
- Configuration of rate per each hour at any day of the week and at holiday;
- Configuration of traffic cost (up to 24 traffic sizes);
- Configuration of throughput for the subscriber;
- Per second or per minute charging;
- Holidays with special tariff plans;
- Activation from the first connection and for the set period of time;
- Configuration of subscribers login expiration date;
- Configuration of subscribers login validity start time;
- Prepaid and postpaid forms of service usage;
- Subscriber's login blocking;
- Assignment of fixed IP addresses for each subscriber;
- Complete information about the service usage (statistic);
- Easy and flexible system management through the web interface;
- Operations with prepaid cards;
- Limits for the access time and date;
- “Live” statistics support (**);
- Subscriber disconnection (reset) at various conditions (**);
- Individual subscriber price lists;
- Different price lists for groups and subscribers for different access servers;
- Concurrent prepaid and postpaid modes;
- Subscriber authorization by IP address;
- Subscriber authorization by mac address;
- Built-in portal system;
- Capability to integrate with external portal systems;
- Support for external authorization sources like social networks, cellular networks.
- Configurable storage for user history.

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